The user files a complaint on the SpeakUpSecure platform

Your journey begins the moment you feel you’ve been wronged. With a quick login to our user-friendly system, you can effortlessly register your complaint in under five minutes.

An anonymous complaint is sent to the organization

Once your concern is documented, you can decide to share it with the relevant organization or escalate it towards resolution.

The organization investigates the discrimination complaint

The organization may opt to initiate a comprehensive case management process to address your issue promptly and effectively. 

The organization closes the complaint with their findings

The organization can investigate with proper case management or may not do so.  They may decide to close the complaint for multiple reasons like lack of evidence, lack of case management, accused found guilty, accused not found guilty or some other reason.  You will see the status of your complaint change in real time if they come and use the SpeakUpSecure platform.  

The complainant is happy/unhappy with the resolution

If your concerns aren’t adequately addressed, you hold the power to escalate your complaint in any way you see fit. Your options are limitless, extending to avenues such as higher management, public exposure through newspapers, or seeking legal counsel from experienced attorney.

Complaint escalation

If your concerns aren’t adequately addressed, or no action has been taken on your complaint. You hold the power to escalate your complaint in any way you see fit. The escalation steps are automated based on your entries. The complaint resolution is time bound and you decide how much time you are willing to give to the organization till they start working on your complaint. 

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