Bullying comes in many forms and is incredibly crucial. To understand and strive to understand the forms it takes is already vital. SpeakUpSecure provides an anonymous and trusted platform for the victim to report the issue safely and privately.

  • Bullying that is related to using words to hurt others, like calling by names, teasing, or spreading rumors. These can be very harmful emotionally.
  • SpeakUpSecure provides a means for people to write complaints anonymously, and therefore, where privacy is concerned, one would be assured justice.
  • This means physical violence, like hitting or kicking someone or causing damage to someone’s property. Bullying may inflict both physical and emotional harm on the victim.
  • With SpeakUpSecure, victims can report incidents securely and confidentially, therefore helping to avoid further harm.
  • This may also be referred to as relational bullying.
  • It is harming a person by manipulating his or her social relationships, this can include spreading rumors or excluding a person from a group.
  • SpeakUpSecure now provides a trusted platform to securely report social bullying and promote a safer community.
  • Bullying that takes place online, through different digital means, occurs when an individual or some individuals use technology to harass or threaten another.
  • This generally happens through social media, text messages, or emails.
  • SpeakUpSecure’s anonymous reporting system ensures there are no cases of retaliation against the victim of cyberbullying when reporting incidents.
  • Psychological or emotional bullying is manipulation, humiliation, or threats to control or bully a person.
  • SpeakUpSecure ensures that those who have faced psychological bullying can file complaints without revealing their identity and thus avoid exposing their emotional selves and private lives.
  • Sexual bullying means unwanted sexual comments, advances, or harassment of a person in person or online.
  • SpeakUpSecure gives the facility for anonymous reporting of such incidents, hence providing protection to life and confidentiality during the redressal process.
  • This kind of bullying is powered by racial, religious, ethnic, or disability differences.
  • Bullying at this level has deep impacts in terms of psychology.
  • SpeakUpSecure provides a secure, anonymous reporting platform for prejudicial bullying to help fight discrimination.
  • Workplace bullying involves the harassment, intimidation, or social exclusion of colleagues in the workplace.
  • SpeakUpSecure facilitates anonymous reporting of workplace bullying incidents by employees.
  • This kind of bullying is an act of harming a person’s self-esteem and mental state based on their sexual orientation.
  • SpeakUpSecure provides the safest way of reporting complaints anonymously so that the voices of those victims are listened to and appropriate action sought without fear of any backlash.
  • This refers to the bullying of a person due to their gender or gender identity.
  • SpeakUpSecure provides a confidential way of reporting gender-based bullying, helping to make environments more inclusive and respectful.

The distinction between different forms of bullying is underway to create a culture that is safe and inclusive. SpeakUpSecure empowers the victim by giving them a trusted, secure, anonymous platform to raise a complaint and be heard with action.

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