SpeakUpSecure Your Confidential Platform for Anonymous Reporting for addressing your complaints with the help of professionals and legal experts.

SpeakUpSecure is your trusted platform for handling critical issues. Our secure platform allows for anonymous reporting of discrimination, harassment, and other sensitive matters. We treat confidentiality with great regard this dictates that only authorized staff has access to your information. There will be open, very effective investigations with an emphasis on privacy and anonymity.

Let your voice be heard.
Helping yourself is helping others.

Avoid Litigation with SpeakUpSecure

Anonymous Reports for Early Intervention

SpeakUpSecure enables employees to anonymously report issues, enhancing satisfaction and fostering a positive company culture.

Hit targets with real-time data and analytics

Use SpeakUpSecure’s analytics in real-time reporting dashboard. Foster a safe, open environment where everyone feels empowered to speak up

Strong triage options

SpeakUpSecure lets users identify responders, track case progress in real time, with configurable workflows for organizational needs.

Privacy and Anonymity

SpeakUpSecure empowers anonymous reporting with optional colleague nomination and secure evidence upload.

The SpeakUpSecure Platform

Advanced case management
tools, at your fingertips.

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Common Complaints


Report any form of discrimination securely and anonymously.


File abuse complaints confidentially and safely.

Ethical Violations

Report ethical violations with ease and anonymity.


Combat bullying by filing reports securely.

ESG Violations

Ensure a better future by reporting ESG violations.

Benefits for Users

Benefits for Organizations

Safe Reporting Across All Industries

Large & Small Corporations

Healthcare Industry

Educational Institutions

Government Agencies

Non-Profit Organizations

Tech and IT Companies

Financial Services

Retail and Hospitality

Manufacturing and Construction

Stay connected with SpeakUpSecure to file a complaint through our social channels. We believe in the power of open dialogue, equality, and justice. Join us on our social media platform to stay informed about our mission and intiatives. Together, we can create a safer and more equitable world.

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